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Students love using Pixie to create curriculum projects!

Pixie is exciting creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.
If your organization uses Windows and Macintosh computers, netbooks, iPads or Android tablets, there is a Pixie solution for you.
Pixie 4 Introduction Video
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Pixie engages students in their learning
Creating with technology appeals to diverse learners with a variety of learning styles, and encourages thinking, creativity, and communication skills. Project work with Pixie engages students in the curriculum and helps you meet the goals of the Common Core Standards.
Pixie motivates a wide range of learners
Pixie helps all students produce high-level work, providing a sense of pride in their abilities and fostering the determination to achieve.
Pixie is a great tool for self-expression
Combining artwork with text and voice recording makes Pixie the perfect canvas for today’s digital learners, and gives students powerful tools to create original work that demonstrates understanding.
Pixie boosts student achievement
Independent, peer reviewed research demonstrates that students using Pixie showed significant gains compared to their peers who did not use Pixie.
Pixie works on mixed devices
Your organization probably has a mix of Windows and Macintosh computers, netbooks, and Tablets. Pixie works on all of these devices and files can be moved between them, so students can begin work on one device and continue on another.
Pixie supports strong school-to-home connections
Research consistently shows that family involvement in education is a key element in student achievement. Student work can be published to K12Share.com to share with family members.
Pixie lets students share their learning in many ways
Students can share their work with an authentic audience outside the classrooms walls by creating printed documents, videos, ePub, or HTML5.
Available for:
Chrome Icon Have Chromebooks?
Check out Wixie.
Support Student Learning!
Pixie’s tools are easy to learn and powerful enough for high-level project work.
Pixie Common Core Guides
Guides include ideas, activities, projects, and classroom stories for grades K-5.
Elementary Science Resource Kit
Articles, lessons, and samples to engage elementary students in science.
Building Literacy in Elementary
Engage elementary students in literacy through creative technology.