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Pixie 4 Introduction Video

Pixie 4 Introduction Video
Length: 3 minutes  Available sizes: Small (320 x 240)  Medium (640x480)  Large (800 x 600)  XLarge ( x 768)
Pixie 4 is even more useful for fostering creativity, building literacy, and engaging students in learning as they combine text, original artwork, voice narration, and images to share ideas and demonstrate understanding..
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Visit the Pixie videos page for aditional instructional videos on using Pixie to support a variety of curriculum goals and learning strategies.
Video Transcription
Pixie is exciting creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.

Pixie 4 includes hundreds activities to help students master specific curriculum standards. From patterning templates to base ten manipulatives, from plot diagrams to reading response journals, Pixie helps you meet state or national Common Core standards.

Students can use Pixie’s paint tools to enhance stories and information they have written. Creating illustrations and diagrams helps students visualize information and understand complex ideas and help teachers quickly identify misconceptions.

Pixie includes thousands of backgrounds, photographs, and clip art stickers in the library, making it easier to find and utilize digital media.

Pixie makes it easy to capture images from DV cameras, USB document cameras, and USB web cams. Students can easily capture their face to become the character in a story, travel back in time, or visit another culture.

Students can transform their text into thought bubbles to create cartoons and comics or practice conversational grammar.

Students can also use the record feature to summarize text they have added to a picture, reflect on their work for a portfolio, or narrate a story.

Students can change page orientation to make word processing projects even easier.”

For example, you might have students create posters, trading cards, or even a newspaper from a historical time period or a book you are reading.

Pixie 4 supports real-time project collaboration. While one student is painting a picture, another can be adding text, and a third recording the narration as they work together to tell a story.

Students can also import a shared project from another student and combine them for a team project.

Students can print the pages in their project and even print multiple pages on one sheet to create booklets, comics, postcards, or trading cards

Students can export projects as videos, html, PDF, and even ePubs making it easy to find just the right way to share work family, friends, and community.

As you can see, Pixie offers endless possibilities for engaging students in the curriculum.”

To learn more about Pixie, visit www.tech4learning.com/pixie. Here you will find a 30-day evaluation sample student projects, Common Core guides, and more.

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