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Looking for an alternative to Kid Pix? Pixie is the answer!

Many schools are finding that Kid Pix no longer works on their computers. Thousands of educators have switched to Pixie as a Kid Pix alternative. Pixie is award winning educational software that engages elementary students in the curriculum.

Pixie is exciting creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.

Available for:

Moving to Chromebooks? Check out Wixie

Pixie has great tools for self expression

  • Add and edit text
  • Record narration
  • Paint original images
  • Paint with symmetry
  • Add backgrounds and clip art from a large library
  • Add photos directly from Pics4Learning
  • Capture images from web cams
  • Use hundreds of curriculum templates
  • Collaborate on projects in real-time

Pixie does not require QuickTime to make movies on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Pixie's tools
Tech4Learning | tech4learning.com/pixie | 800-834-5453

Pixie lets students share their learning in many ways

As students create valuable products like eBooks, comics, and public service announcements, they connect what they learn and do in the classroom to the world around them. Students can share their work in print or by creating videos, eBooks, and HTML files.

Pixie export formats.

Changing to Pixie is easy

Pixie is intuitive to use and an easy transition for both teachers and students.

When you purchase Pixie, you also get:

eSchool News Readers' Choice Award iParenting Media Award EDDIE Awards  Multimedia Creation District Administrator Top 100 The National Parenting Center

Tech4Learning | tech4learning.com/pixie | 877-834-5453


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Download a 30-day evaluation of Pixie

Complete the form to download a 30-day evaluation version of this engaging elementary tool.

The 30-day evaluation version is a fully-functioning version of the software. Your 30 days begin the first day you use the software.