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Pixie runs great on OS X 10.6!
If your district is upgrading computers, Pixie is the perfect student creativity tool for this new platform.
Educators across the country are making the switch to Pixie the same time they upgrade their operating systems. Pixie is engaging educational software elementary students can use to further their exploration of the world around them. Pixie helps students build 21st century skills as they develop podcasts, online storybooks, videos, and Flash animations.
Actively developed for education
Pixie is created by people who love education. We spend every day ensuring that Pixie is current, relevant, and loved by educators and students alike. Should you have a question, our staff is happy to take your call.
As technology changes, so does Pixie
• Pixie works on the latest operating systems, running locally or virtualized.
• Pixie creates podcasts, HTML, and Flash animations.
• Pixie is software developed for your classroom!
Switching to Pixie is easy
Pixie is intuitive to use and an easy transition for both teachers and students.
Pixie has:
• free training and support materials to get you started.
• hundreds of built-in curriculum activities.
• an active user community that shares ideas at the Trading Post.
online support including: standards correlations, samples, and lesson plans.
Download an evaluation
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  Why educators love Pixie:
  • Vector clip art that scales well
  • Full word processing functions including inline spell checking
  • Landscape and portrait page orientations
  • Capture images from a web cam
  • Integration with Pics4Learning.com
  • Unlimited sound recording length
  • Podcast, HTML, and Flash export
  • Printing formats including trading cards and comic books
  • Interface of a learning tool, not an edutainment tool
  • Industry standard UI and icons for technology literacy
  • Whiteboard certified
  • Active community of users
  • Growing curriculum activity library
  • Standards correlations