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Use Pixie in Spanish

Use Pixie in Spanish!

Pixie is creativity software elementary students can use to combine text, original artwork, voice narration, and images. Changing the language preference to Spanish, displays the tools, media, and over 200 activities in Spanish. Students can also use a Spanish tutorial to learn how to use Pixie to create their own projects.

The Spanish resources in Pixie:

• Help native Spanish speakers continue to explore the curriculum and build
skills in math and science as they learn English.
• Help non-native speakers build Spanish language skills as they experience vocabulary and culture in context.

Over 200 Activities in Spanish

Pixie includes more than 200 activities and templates in Spanish, students can use to explore the curriculum and show what they have learned.

How to change Pixie to Spanish

You can change the Pixie preferences so that the tools, resources like stickers, and Activities show in Spanish.

Learn Pixie in Spanish

Introducing My Family!
Learn how to use the basics of Pixie in this Spanish-language tutorial.
Download a Pixie evaluation