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Ideas for using Pixie

Ideas for using Pixie in the classroom

Here are ideas from teachers already using Pixie with their students to help you get started integrating Pixie into your classroom curriculum.

Project ideas for literature

Pixie - Virginia SOL Guides

Thank you for your interest in the Virginia SOL Curriculum Guides for Pixie!

Pixie Feature App Comparison

Pixie 4 and App Comparison

Across devices, Pixie lets your elementary students paint pictures, add images, edit text, and record sounds.

Meeting Common Core Standards with Pixie 3

Thank you for your interest in the Common Core Curriculum Guides for Pixie 3!

Use these guides to help you align creativity, your curriculum, and the Common Core Standards.

Pixie 3 Training

You've watched the intro video, have Pixie installed on your computer, and are ready to strike out on your own.

What's new in Pixie 4

Pixie 4 has better tools forl self expression