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Project ideas for literature

Pixie - Virginia SOL Guides

Thank you for your interest in the Virginia SOL Curriculum Guides for Pixie!

Pixie Feature App Comparison

Pixie 4 and App Comparison

Across devices, Pixie lets your elementary students paint pictures, add images, edit text, and record sounds.

Meeting Common Core Standards with Pixie 3

Thank you for your interest in the Common Core Curriculum Guides for Pixie 3!

Use these guides to help you align creativity, your curriculum, and the Common Core Standards.

Pixie 3 Training

You've watched the intro video, have Pixie installed on your computer, and are ready to strike out on your own.

What's new in Pixie 4

Pixie 4 has better tools forl self expression

Pixie Version Comparison

Pixie Version Comparison Chart (Win | Mac)

Pixie has over 10 years of development history.