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A 21st century creative platform for powerful teaching and learning

Wixie is a publishing and creativity platform that lets students share what they know through their art, their voice, and their writing.
Wixie helps teachers engage students in the learning process; helps students create products to demonstrate their creativity, ideas, and mastery of the curriculum; and helps everyone share their learning with the community.
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Wixie engages students in their learning
Creating with technology appeals to students with a variety of learning styles, and encourages thinking, creativity, and communication skills. Project work with Wixie engages students in the curriculum areas and can help you meet the goals of state academic and Common Core Standards.
Wixie motivates a wide range of learners
With Wixie students can explore existing curriculum activities that teach and assess student understanding as well as create original work that demonstrates comprehension of classroom topics.
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Support Student Learning
Wixie’s tools are easy to learn and powerful enough for high-level project work.
Wixie Common Core Guides
Guides include activities, projects, & examples for grades K-5.
Enhancing Treasures Reading
Unit extension ideas for grades 2-6.
Download Guides for:
Building Literacy Resource Kit
Articles, samples, and lessons to help you engage and build literacy for a range of learners.
Wixie works where and when students work
Wixie is an online tool so students can create projects and communicate ideas whenever and wherever they are ready to learn. Wixie works in browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Chromebooks, and using an app on tablets like iPads, Android tablets, and Kindle Fire HDs.
Wixie is a great tool for self-expression
Combining artwork with text and voice recording makes Wixie the perfect canvas for today’s digital learners and gives students powerful tools to create original work that demonstrates understanding.
Wixie supports strong school-to-home connections
Research consistently shows that family involvement in education is a key element in student achievement. Wixie works in the cloud so students can share their work with family and community and even create and edit Wixie projects at home.
Wixie lets students share with an authentic audience
Available online instantly, students can easily share their knowledge and ideas outside of the classroom, providing a broader audience for their efforts motivating students to perform their best.