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Wixie + Chromebooks = Affordable Creativity

Wixie is a cloud-based student creativity tool and Chromebooks are an affordable way to take advantage of cloud-computing and provide affordable, yet powerful, devices for your 1:1 program.

Students simply to log into their accounts to complete assigned activities, develop original stories and multimedia projects, and share their work with family and community. Teachers can log into Wixie from the Chromebook to author new assignments, evaluate students work, or track progress toward Common Core goals.
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Wixie works with your Google accounts
Wixie allows organizations to use Google Accounts for authenticating users. Students and teachers can log in once to their Chromebook and seamlessly access their Wixie account without having to reenter a username and password.
Chrome Web Store listing
Wixie in Google’s Education App Packs
The Education App Packs are select groups of recommended web apps for different subjects and grade levels. Education App Packs are available in the Google Chrome store and Wixie can be easily installed from the Chromebook management console.

Install Wixie’s educational app through its Chrome Web Store listing.