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Frames is perfect for claymation and stop motion animation

There are few things more fun than creating stop-motion animation with clay figures, LEGOs®, or other props.

Frames combines the ability to capture images from attached cameras with features like onion skin and chroma key making it easy to create this type of stopmotion animation.

Use onion skin to align frames

Frames includes an onion skin option that allows you to see multiple frames at one time. Bumped your camera? No problem. Use the onion skin to reposition the frames so that the props move, not the background.

Onion skin

Group frames into scenes

Claymations are fun and exciting, but can also be highly complex. Group series of frames and corresponding audio and transitions into scenes to making it simpler to work with large amounts of media as well as rearrange scenes.

Scenes of frames

Transport your characters with chroma key

Take images of your clay characters in front of a "green screen" and use the Chroma Key feature to remove the background. Then, adjust the backgrounds and additional artwork on the frames to send your character back in time or to an exciting far away destination.

Chroma Key

Use timelapse to capture images automatically

Connect to a web cam or dv camera and use the time lapse feature to capture frames automatically, making it easy to capture claymation images when you are working alone. Set a delay and let the machine take the pictures while you reposition.

Time lapse

Free eBook: Making Claymation in the Classroom

Nothing engages students more than creating claymation. To help you implement this exciting process into your classroom, we have developed a free eBook with strategies for success in each stage of the claymation process.

Clay eBook

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