Comparing Wixie and Pixie

Pixie and Wixie are tools that let your elementary students paint pictures, add images, edit text, and record sounds.

Pixie is software loaded on the client computer so it requires an installation and regular updates. Wixie works in a browser and runs in the cloud. With Wixie, there is no software to install and you benefit from updates as soon as they are available.

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Pixie 4 Wixie
Supported Operating Systems Win | Mac Win | Mac | Chrome | iPad | Android
What can students do?
Paint pictures, add images, record audio, edit text
Collaborate on projects in real-time
Import pages from other students' projects
Slide shows
Share student work simply by sharing a URL
Embed student work in a class web page
Share online highlights of student work
Export: JPG, PNG, HTML, ePub3
What can teachers do?
Create activities for students.
Share customized activities with other teachers.
Search for activities based on keywords, Common Core Standards, Texas TEKS, and Virginia SOLs.
Assign activities to classes or specific students.
Create teams for collaborative projects.
View and provide feedback on student work.
Share an online Showcase of student work.
Student Work
View in-progress and completed student work online without students having to submit the work somehow.
Assess student work with customizable rubrics.
Create rubric based assessments to assign to student projects.
Track student progress towards Common Core Standards, Texas TEKS, and Virginia SOLs.
Export a standards report by student.
How will you implement it?
Classroom Management
You want your students to access and work on projects from home.
You want students to be able to share tablets. N/A
You want files stored in the cloud.
You want new features, bug fixes, and security updates available immediately.
You do not want to install software on your devices.
You want students to be able to start a project on one computer or tablet and seamlessly move to others to finish, with no additional costs or licensing.
You want the budget security of knowing what your cost is every year.

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