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It’s never been easier to create claymation, stop-motion, and original cartoons!

Everyone has a story to tell. Make yours memorable with Frames.
Frames combines illustration and stop-motion tools into an award-winning, easy-to-use animation package.

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Make stop-motion animations
Capture frames with a web cam or dv camera, use time lapse options, or import from a connected camera to build claymations, LEGO® stop-motion, and cut-paper animations.
Create original cartoons
Making your own animated cartoons is a snap with drawing tools, clip art, and path animation options. Multiple sound tracks make it easy to combine narration, sound effects, and background music.
Tell digital stories
Tell your stories with text, pictures, and your own narration. Digital storytelling with Frames is easy with features like pan and zoom, the ability to match frame duration to sound recording, and more.
Frames 6 interface
Frames makes creating animations easy!
We take pride in an interface that is both powerful and easy-to-use. Frames makes it easy to draw your own illustrations, clone frames to create animation, edit images and sounds, record narration, and quickly make changes to your story and timeline.
Frames includes real time collaboration and easy sharing options
Frames makes it easy to collaborate and share
Frames lets you collaborate in real time with other people on a local network, making it simple to create a movie without everyone having to huddle around the same screen.
Movies are exported in standard formats for easy upload to sites like YouTube. Schools and districts using Frames can even post movies directly to K12Share.