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Welcome to Tech4Learning!

We are an innovative educational technology company that develops and markets original professional development programs and creativity products for K-12 education. Since the company was founded in 1999, we have focused on developing tools educators need to be successful with technology in their classrooms.

At Tech4Learning we believe in a vision of education where students are actively and creatively engaged in the learning process, and graduate prepared to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

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21st-century students need a 21st-century approach.

Today's students have spent their entire lives surrounded by information in a variety of mediums. Asking students to construct and showcase their knowledge using technologies they find exciting makes classroom learning relevant.

Tech4Learning produces software tools that provide a platform students can use to share knowledge and understanding, communicate original ideas and solutions, and share their passions with a worldwide audience. Tech4Learning tools help students develop 21st-century skills, including:

  • Creativity and Innovation as they develop, implement, and communicate ideas and demonstrate originality and inventiveness
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as they frame, analyze, and synthesize information to solve problems and answer questions.
  • Communication and Collaboration as they articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively and share responsibility for collaborative work.

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Tech4Learning is proud to be a founding member of the
Constructivist Consortium!

Formed in 2007 by leading educational technology publishers, the Constructivist Consortium is committed to student empowerment, creative applications of computers, and the availability of high-quality open-ended materials. Although still in its infancy, the Constructivist Consortium, led by its Executive Director Gary Stager, advocates the use of creative, open-ended technology tools across all grade levels and subjects.

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