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Pixie 4 has better tools forl self expression

What’s new in Pixie 4 for Windows and Mac

Tech4Learning has been working hard to make Pixie even more useful for fostering creativity, building literacy, and engaging students in learning. Here are some of the great new features in version 4! Take a look at the Version Comparison Chart to learn about specific features.
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Pixie 4 is better at sharing student work
Pixie 4 is better at sharing student work
Export ePub3 files
Users can export their projects as ePub3 files to share with iBooks, Google Play Books, or other ebook readers.
Save and open project files to K12Share
K12Share can be used as cloud storage allowing projects to be edited by users from diverse locations. These projects can also be viewed without exporting!
New print layouts & print preview
Users have additional options for printing, including program, business cards and note cards (Avery). Users can now see a preview of the sheet before printing.
Wixie and Pixie tablet files
Pixie can open and edit files created in Pixie for Android and iPad as well as in Wixie. Students can freely move files between versions and devices.
Pixie 4 is better at delivering content
Pixie 4 is better at delivering content
Assign a default Library folder
Activities can open to a specific folder in the library.
Page Instructions in the Options panel
Activities can have instructions that include active hyperlinks. These show in the Options panel and do not take up work space on the page.
Do not show scaling handles
Users can turn off the scaling handles for objects making it easier to move small objects on a page.
Import Activities as pages
Users can quickly create projects that include multiple activities.
Import Pics4Learning images as pages
Users can quickly create multi-page projects from images in Pics4Learning.
Hide sticker names
Teachers can use a preference to turn off the sticker names. Helpful for K-1 when kids are doing a lot of “starts with” activities.
Writing lines for text
Users can show writing lines behind fonts similar to adding a shadow.
Pixie 4 has more options to support self-expression
Pixie 4 has more options to support self-expression
32 line symmetry for brushes
Brought back from Pixie 2 by popular request!
Projects View: Current Page
Users can get information about their project and the URL for sharing projects saved on K12Share.
Projects View: New Project
Users can browse activities and Pics4Learning when creating new projects.
Widescreen document size
Users can create projects (videos, HTML, slideshows) that fill the screen on widescreen monitors.
Background colors
Users can set the background color of a page.
Backgrounds in the Library
Users can add backgrounds from the library directly to the page background.
Duck background sounds
Users can duck background sounds, which lowers the volume of background sounds automatically when another page sound is playing.
Smarter Library search
Users see a “Did you mean” list of word options if a search returns no results.
Feature enhancements and changes Pixie 4
Feature enhancements and changes Pixie 4
Touch mode is now the default
The ease of access, including one-click browsing in the library, is now the default setting.
Number of Recent Documents
Users can set how many recent documents they would like to see in the Open panel, potentially allowing users to hide all other locations for opening documents.
Enhanced text export to PDF
More accurate font matching and word wrapping between the Pixie file and PDF.
Removed Flash export
HTML5 export can now provide the same features allowing us to simplify the number of export options.
Pixie specific local media
Installs only the media for the latest version of Pixie. Saves disk space by not requiring the installed media to be backwards compatible with older versions and other products.
Hide interface options
Users can hide the K12Share and FTP options to simplify the interface if this is a feature they are not using.