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Pixie makes learning fun!

When students can paint, add images, write, and record their voice to make digital stories, books, and movies; the curriculum comes alive. When it’s their imagination, their ideas, and their voice, it’s their learning.
Pixie has been engaging students in the curriculum for 10 years. Backed by research, Pixie can help you meet Common Core and state standards.
Pixie 3 is better at delivering content
Pixie has great tools for self expression
Write and edit text, add images and photos, paint pictures, and record student voice to create powerful examples of learning.
Pixie 3 is better at delivering content
Pixie is easy to use and integrate
Get started by using one of hundreds of Common Core-focused activities or take a leap and inspire your students with a blank screen.
Pixie on Computers, laptops, and tablets
Pixie works with mixed devices
It doesn’t matter if you use iPads, Android tablets, Windows or Macintosh computers, netbooks, or Kindle Fires HDs. Pixie looks the same everywhere and can read files across devices.
Pixie 4 has better tools student collaboration
Pixie helps students develop collaboration skills
Student can work together on projects and easily import and share pages for classroom and group projects.
Pixie 4 makes it easy for student to share their work
Pixie makes it easy to share student work
Export video, HTML, PDF, or ePub to share learning with families and publish student work for a real-world audience.