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Pixie Executive Review
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“Students using Pixie showed significant gains compared to their peers
  who did not use Pixie.”

The Impact of Pixie on Student Achievement

During the 2010-2011 school year, research firm SEG Measurement, conducted an independent, peer-reviewed study of approximately 1,000 students across five states on the effectiveness of Pixie in Reading Comprehension and Mathematics learning. Using pre and post tests of treatment and control groups, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in classrooms using Pixie demonstrated substantial growth compared to students in classes where Pixie was not used. Students participating in the treatment group achieved a half-years more growth than students in the control group.
Pixie Executive Summary Figure 3

The research behind Pixie's design:

Pixie is student productivity software developed based on research on the impact of project-based learning, collaboration, and multimedia authoring on student achievement and engagement.
pdf Project-Based Learning
A review of research on project-based learning by the Autodesk Foundation
url Hypermedia Authoring
Using Multimedia Authoring to Increase Retention, Application, and Engagement
url Edutopia: Teaching for Meaningful Learning
A Review of Research on Inquiry-Based and Cooperative Learning
pdf The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools
A Research Report prepared for The Bertelsmann Foundation
Pixie Research Audio Interview Pixie Research Video Interview
TCEA interview with Scott Elliott of SEG Measurement on the Impact of Pixie on Student Achievement.
Pixie Research Audio Interview Pixie Research Audio Interview
Interview with Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio about the assessment of SEG Measurement on the Impact of Pixie on Student Achievement.