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You've watched the intro video, have Pixie installed on your computer, and are ready to strike out on your own. Use the resources below to get an overview of what you can do with this exciting creativity tool, find answers to specific questions, and learn how to customize Pixie. Still using Pixie 3? Visit the Pixie 3 training page.
Recipes – Tutorials
The Recipes are tutorials which will help you get started using Pixie.
Level 3 - Exploring Number Facts
In this Recipe, you will learn the basics of using Pixie as you explore number facts through skip counting, the commutative property of addition, and multiplication word problems.
Level 2 - Character Analysis
In this Recipe, you will learn the basics of Pixie 3 as you analyze a character from a book you have read. You will create two pages and export them as a video.
Level 1- Introducing My Family!
You will make a two page project about your family and print it as a table tent.
Level 3 - Explore Ancient Egypt
In this Recipe, you will learn the basics of using Pixie as you explore ancient Egypt.
Snacks – References
The Snacks are just-in-time references that provide answers to questions you have as you are working with Pixie.
Level 3 - Advanced
Use level 3 if you are comfortable on the computer and are ready for almost anything.
Level 2 - Intermediate
Use level 2 if you have some computer experience, but do not consider yourself an advanced user.
Level 1 - Novice
Use level 1 if you are new to using technology. Level 1 is also great for those just learning to read.
User Guides
The user guides will introduce you to a variety of implementation strategies for Pixie.
Create your own Pixie Activities pdf Create your own Pixie Activities
Use this guide to help you create activities specific to your own curriculum.
Collaborating in Pixie 4 Collaborating in Pixie 4
A quick tutorial on sharing and joining collaborative projects.
Move files between devices Move Files Between iPads & PCs
How to move Pixie files between an iPad and Pixie 4 on a personal computer using cloud storage.
pdf Universal Access 1
Using the Talk Button, Talking Interface, and Text-To-Speech.
pdf Universal Access 2
Using the keyboard shortcuts and controls.
pdf Universal Access 3
Modifying the Pixie preferences.