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Pixie Integration Videos

Pixie combines a paint program with text options, clip art, voice recording, and standards-based curriculum activities, helping students build 21st century skills as they develop ePubs, HTML, videos, and more.
Use these Pixie videos:
• To jump start curriculum and integration discussions.
• For personal professional development.
• To kick off workshops and early release days.
Pixie 4 Introduction Video
Pixie 4 Introduction · 3 min
Pixie 4 is even more useful for fostering creativity, building literacy, and engaging students in learning as they combine text, original artwork, voice narration, and images to share ideas and demonstrate understanding.
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Literature Connections with Pixie
Literature Connections · 4 min
Students can use Pixie to respond to literature texts by writing, illustrating, and publishing original stories, as well as retelling and extending stories they have read.
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Pixie 3 Introduction Video
Pixie 3 Introduction · 3 min
Pixie is exciting creativity software you can use to share ideas, understanding, and imagination through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images. Whether you work alone or in a group, Pixie is the only canvas you need.
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Pixie 3 Features
Pixie 3 Features · 3 min
Are you ready for Pixie 3? Pixie 2 changed how your elementary students share ideas and demonstrate their understanding. Pixie 3 will change the way they work together. Find out more about collaboration & other new features in Pixie.
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Pixie 3 Collaboration Video
Pixie 3 Collaboration · 2 min
Pixie 3 includes new features that support collaboration and cooperative learning. The new import page function makes it easy to collect individual student work into small group or whole-class projects. Pixie also supports team-building and organization skills through real-time collaborative projects.
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Supporting Classroom Instruction That Works
Classroom Instruction · 5 min
In Classroom Instruction that Works, Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock examined decades of research and distill results into nine teaching strategies. Our open-ended creativity tools can be applied in almost any grade & subject to support these methods.
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Supporting ELL Learners with Pixie
Supporting ELL Learners · 3 min
Pixie supports English language acquisition by providing ways for students to use words in context, express their ideas, build vocabulary, follow directions, practice using words, and more.
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Building Primary Math Skills with Pixie
Building Primary Math Skills · 3 min
Pixie helps students build important math foundations as they explore and display mathematical relationships visually, numerically, symbolically, and verbally.
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Supporting 6+1 Trait Writing with Pixie
Supporting 6+1 Trait Writing · 6 min
The 6+1 trait writing model organizes writing skills into 7 "traits" that provide a common language for talking about and celebrating writing. Pixie is engaging creativity software you can use to support the 6+1 Trait Writing model.
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Supporting Multiple Intelligences
Supporting Multiple Intelligences · 4 min
In his ground-breaking book, Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner proposes multiple intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential. Pixie provides tools students can use to show what they know, allowing them to capitalize on their most developed intelligence as well as engage and develop their other intelligences.
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Patterns with Pixie
Patterns with Pixie · 12 min
This video shows the first ten minutes of Dr. Henry Olds "Patterns with Pixie" presentation at NECC 2009. You can also find out more from his article in Issue 6 of Creative Educator!
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Building Literacy Skills with Pixie
Building Literacy Skills · 8 min
Use Pixie to support the National Early Literacy Panel’s Five Elements of a Successful Reading Program - phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
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Pixie 2 Introduction Video
Pixie 2 Introduction · 5 min
Pixie is exciting creativity software students can use to further their exploration of the world around them. Whether students demonstrate their understanding and knowledge through activities and directed work, or showcase their creativity and imagination with original art and writing, Pixie is the only canvas they need.
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