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Tech4Learning’s tools and professional development support student-centered learning across the curriculum. Use the links below to find resources to support you as you consider, purchase, and implement our software and professional development for your school or district. Contact our sales team for additional information or to discuss specific funding or implementation strategies.
Common Core Guides
Meet curriculum goals through creativity.
Meeting State Standards with Wixie
Guides include activities, projects, & examples for grades K-5.
» VA SOL Guides for Wixie or Pixie
Building Literacy in Elementary
New approaches through creative technology in the Primary Classroom.
Building Literacy in Secondary
New approaches through creative technology in the Secondary classroom.
Digital Storytelling Resource Kit
Ideas for getting started with digital storytelling.
Elementary Math Resource Kit
Build math skills with creative technology.
Elementary Science Resource Kit
Ideas for engaging students with technology.
Secondary Science Resource Kit
Ideas for engaging students with technology.
Enhancing Treasures Reading
Technology extension ideas for grades 1–6
Enhancing Houghton Mifflin Journeys reading program
Technology extension ideas for grades 1–6.
Making Claymation in the Classroom
Free ebook to help you get started.
Claymation Workshop Kit Materials
Everything you need to lead a training.
English Language 2 Resource Kit
Build English Language skills with technology.

Educational Leadership

Read how research supports project-based learning and open-ended student tools.
Pixie Research
Learn how students participating in the Pixie treatment group achieved a half-years more growth than students in the control group.
Edutopia: Teaching for Meaningful Learning


   » Teaching for Meaningful Learning: A Review of Research on Inquiry-Based and Cooperative Learning
   » Powerful Learning: Studies Show Deep Understanding Derives from Collaborative Methods
The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools
A Research Report prepared for The Bertelsmann Foundation
Richard Lehrer & Hypermedia
Using Multimedia Authoring to Increase Retention, Application, and Engagement
Project-Based Learning
A review of research on project-based learning by the Autodesk Foundation
The Learning Return on our Educational Technology Investment

Standards Correlations

Tech4Learning tools can help you meet Common Core, NETS, and curriculum standards.
Common Core Standards
Correlations for Langauge Arts and Math, grades K-5 for Pixie.
NETS for Students
Pixie  |  Frames  |  Share  |  Wixie  |  Twist  |  ImageBlender
Correlations to State Curriculum Standards
Choose your state and subject to view specific correlations.
Pixie  |  Frames