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Author interactive classroom projects, portfolios, and iBooks!

Share lets students combine text, graphics, movies, and animations to show mastery and understanding. Students will synthesize content and communicate ideas through interactive ebooks, presentations, brochures, web sites, and digital portfolios.
Using Share encourages critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills, building media literacy as students become actively engaged with the content.
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Share motivates a wide range of learners
Creating with technology engages students’ different intelligences and interests and naturally encourages them to create classroom projects that reflect their individuality and unique ideas.
Share provides a platform to construct and create
Using Share encourages critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills, as students actively engage with classroom content and build powerful media literacy skills.
Available for:
Resources for Getting Started!
Share’s powerful, yet approachable, features allow secondary students to focus on content rather than the tool.
Building Literacy in Secondary
Engage secondary students in literacy through creative technology.
Secondary Science Resource Kit
Articles, lessons, and samples to engage secondary students in science.
Share helps student build multimedia communication skills
Students use Share to synthesize content they are learning and communicate ideas through web sites, interactive presentations and brochures, and digital portfolios.
Share helps students develop collaboration skills
Share supports essential team-building and organization skills through real-time collaborative projects. Import options make it easy to collect individual student work into small-group or whole-class projects.
Share lets students publish their learning in many ways
Share makes it easy to distribute student work in print, as ePubs, PDF files, and as HTML5 to showcase work to an audience outside the classroom.
Share supports strong school-to-home connections
Research consistently shows that family involvement in education is a key element in student achievement. Instantly publish student work to K12Share.com to share with family members.
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